Hands On Music, LLC

Next Move Radio is your Internet radio station of choice, featuring a diversified schedule from multiple music genres. We play Pop, Rap and Hip Hop, R&B, Rock, and Christian Music. We host over 1000 songs! This includes the some of the newest popular songs, the unheard and unknown artists, long forgotten hits, and even some throwbacks. We have really awesome programs for different days of the week.

As you can tell, we are a unique kind of radio station because we cater to people who just like to listen to music, without the politics of which genre it exists in.


I created Next Move Radio because I was looking for a way to share music with people. Since I was a child I have always been fascinated with the idea of hosting a radio program. My sister and I used to record our own talk show onto a cassette tape, and we called it "The Keisha and Aaron show" or "The Aaron and Keisha show." It really depended on which one of us was wanted to be in the limelight at the moment.

I enjoyed hearing the sound of my own voice on tape. I also enjoyed the idea of broadcasting a show to multiple people. As I grew older, I began making mixtapes by recording songs from the radio and re-arranging them in specific orders. Then I got my hands on a CD-RW drive and everything else was history. Eventually, I began writing and recording my own music. The Internet has allowed me to have access to tools and resources that were once only available to the Big Companies.

Here I am today with 3 published albums, a DJ business - that has really grown into a music and entertainment company - and an Internet Radio station.

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