SEPTEMBER 2021 UPDATE: DJ Harris will be taking most of the month of September off as he and his family take time to cuddle with their newborn baby. #dadgoals.

Learn about mynewdj by Hands On Music, LLC

Hands On Music, LLC is a media and entertainment company based out of Albany, Oregon. The company is owned by Aaron and Kelsey Harris and was officially established in 2016. The name comes from Aaron's pen name of Hands On. Aaron has released multiple albums under the name Hands On and has produced a couple of projects for local artist and creators in Central Florida. Aaron was just 16 years old when he began to dabble in the world of entertainment and his vision was to build a music company founded on Christian principles. Today, the company has maintained some of those original principles in their business practices.

mynewdj is a brand of Hands On Music, LLC. Actually, it is the brand under which we provide dj services. The name mynewdj is spoken like the phrase "my new dj." We chose this brand name because we want people to say things like, "Wow! I just booked mynewdj and I am super excited!" Hopefully the name makes sense now. We chose lowercase letters because we think it looks bettter that way.

The Essentials

What is mynewdj by Hands On Music, LLC

Hands On Music, LLC is a media and entertainment company based out of Albany, OR that focuses on mobile Entertainment. Aaron Harris and Kelsey Harris are co-owners of the company and they have been in business since 2016. mynewdj (yes, all lowercase) is our brand that identifies the mobile DJ services that we provide for our customers.

Why mobile Entertainment?

We emphasize the idea of mobile entertainment because we are literally bringing the entertainment wherever our Guests are. Our goal is to bring the fun and excitment of "big production" into smaller locations that were not necessarily designed for entertainment. For example, most outdoor weddings in Oregon and Washington are litterally on a farm or plot of land with a giant open barn. Sometimes we are performing in a school common area or gym. Occassionaly, we find outselves in someone's residential house or driveway trying to turn the space from ordinary to extraordinary. Most of the venues that we perform in are plain with no special lighting or technology. We bring in our equipment and do what we can to turn that space into something that helps people have a unique experience.

What makes mynewdj by Hands On Music, LLC standout from the local industry?

The most straightforward answer to this question is: Aaron (aka DJ Harris). Aaron has an ambitious imagination and he always brings his creative vision to each event he books. Additionally, he is in it for the fun of it all and he understands that providing reasonable pricing structures for his customers is a priority. Another big difference that you will notice between mynewdj by Hands On Music, LLC and other DJ companies is our price. Most of our prices are under $1000 wherase many other companies start at or above $1000.

Why are your prices so low?

Our prices are low because our expenses are low. We intentionally seek out cost-saving business practices so that we can maintain high profit margins and low costs. For example, we design our own website, maintain our own accounting, and use our marketing budget wisely. Some people say that knowledge is power, but learning is more powerful than knowledge. We invest money and time into learning - not always how to build a better mouse trap, but how to build a mouse trap. At this point, we are no longer learning how to build a better mosue trap because we don't want a mouse trap. Instead, we want to build a mouse haven. In other words, the industry seems to be doing it wrong trying to "trap" customers into a price structure. We are not trying to trap anyone because we want our customers to agree that our price and perceived service quality are equally matched.

Who are your competitors?

From our perspective, we do not really have competitors. Instead, we have neighbors. There are many great DJ companies providing mobile entertainment service in Oregon and Washington. Many of these companies may try to claim they are the best, and that is good for them. However, we don't have time to worry about who is the best. You can view some of our neighbors on vendor directories like Wedding Wire and Google.

Our Mission, Vision, and Purpose


Our mission is to do good and exceed expectations for customers in Oregon and Washington who are looking for a professional DJ company. We provide reasonable pricing structures and use technology to support our business processes because this is our way of being socially responsible. We see employees, customers, contractors, and industry partners as human beings with a desire to live a satisfying life that is filled with purpose. We believe that when we see people as people we can do no better or worse.


Our vision is to establish a name that Oregonians immediately recognize for its contribution to the local community, high quality service, and innovative thinking. We want to provide entertainment services in a way that makes people ask, “Why do you do what you do and how can I do something similar to what you do for others?” We want to leave a legacy and make a positive difference that is bigger than even we can imagine, but it always starts with the small stuff.


Our purpose is to provide entertainment solutions that are economically reasonable and well fitted to each unique event resulting in repeat business that yields maximum profits for the owners. The owners want to establish a business that is timeless, tried, and true. In other words, people pay us money to do what we do because they know that what we do is always worth its weight in gold.

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