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Non Profit Event DJ

Volunteer Appreciation | Community Awareness | Fundraising | and more...
Book your DJ for $75 per hour.

Non Profits can receive services at 50% of our standard rates

It is part of our goal to support community through purposeful engagement with organizations that provide services for the local community. To put it in our own words, we call it Service for GOOD. GOOD is an acronmy that means "Get out of debt." You may ask what debt we are referring to. Well, it is the debt that all of us owes to each other. There is a saying, "It takes a neigborhood to raise a child." When we are young we usually do not realize how much our community supports us. Whether it is was through public school, neighbors, churches, parents, friends, or strangers we all received an invisible hand out to secure our future success. You may be thinking that using the term debt is a bit strong, but we think it is perfectly fitting.

Regardless of how you interpret our reason for supporting the local community, we gladly extend our services to Non Profit organizations at a 50% rate. This means that your grant funds can extend further and hopefully do more good in the community.

What qualifies as a nonprofit?

We understand that there are organizations hosting events in support of the local community. In some cases, these organizations are hosting the event with a "not for profit" philosphy. However, we only offer our non profit rates to organizations that are tax exempt according to the IRS.

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