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mynewdj is a mobile DJ service provided by Hands On Music, LLC. We offer solutions for people who are looking for affordable prices to book a professional DJ. You can hire us as your Wedding DJ, Party DJ, Corporate Event DJ, School Dance DJ, or any other event where you need a party DJ to provide music and emcee services.

Booking mynewdj is simple and fun. We make sure you are informed about pricing and processes so that you can enjoy the part where we talk about music, the vibe, and your vision for the event. You can expect professionalism and high quality from start to finish.

Professional and High Quality DJ Service

We are a professional company that has been operating in the Oregon Mid-Valley since 2016. You can find us registered with the Oregon Secretary of State under the name Hands On Music, LLC. You may also search for mynewdj by Hands On Music, LLC on Google or Bing to see that we have a consistent online presence. We use standardized contracts and an invoicing system for our events so that you have peace of mind when hiring mynewdj. We are a small black-owned business, and we conduct ourselves with integrity as if everyone is watching everything we do.

A picture of our DJ setup for an indoor wedding ceremony. We are setup on the 2nd floor overlooking the ceremony space that will be converted into a reception space after the ceremony finishes.

When you choose mynewdj as your event DJ you get a professional DJ that goes above and beyond expectations. We only use industry accepted professional sound equipment. We maintain back-up systems and plans to stay prepared for the worst-case and unexpected scenarios. Above all, we treat every event like it is a Super Bowl performance because we sincerely care about you and your experience.

Meet DJ Aaron Harris

A photo of DJ Aaron Harris posing in a Christmas hat while performing at F45 North Albany.

DJ Aaron Harris is the sole DJ at mynewdj. Most people who interact with Aaron recognize his genuine personality and positive energetic vibe. It is unlikely that you will find another Oregon event DJ with Aaron's background. He has worked at both Disney World and Universal Studios Orlando. Aaron has also produced, recorded, and performed music in the local Central Florida music scene. In addition to his artistic endeavors, Aaron is also a well-respected business and operations manager with a passion for optimizing processes, improving customer experience, and mentoring others.

Being a black DJ in Oregon makes for a unique experience because it requires a diverse and open-minded perspective. DJ Aaron Harris is an east coast kid who has followed his heart to the west coast. He has an eclectic musical taste that includes Hip Hop, R&B, Rock, EDM, Country, Bachata, Cumbia, Gospel, and much more. There are only a few black professional disk jockeys in Oregon so working with Aaron is a special opportunity.

Aaron was inspired to become a professional wedding DJ while preparing for his own wedding in 2014. Aaron actually opted to go the DIY route for his own wedding by providing the music playlist and speakers. That experience helped him to understand exactly how a wedding day was structured and how to make things run smoothly. He knew that his charisma, attitude, and skill were a great match for young couples who wanted high quality service that wasn't over the top. Aaron booked his first wedding scheduled for valentines day of 2016 at a community center in Eugene. Then he was hired for a school dance at Century High School in Hillsboro. From there he just kept on getting better and taking on more gigs. Now he does about 30 events per year, and is considering an expansion into the wedding venue space.

A picture of DJ Aaron Harris posing in his winter hat while DJing at F45 North Albany.

A picture of DJ Aaron Harris posing in his winter hat while DJ'ing at F45 North Albany.

Types of Events

We specialize in DJ service for wedding events, but we also get contracted for other events like school dances, parties, organizational events, brand promotions, and fundraisers. We've got you covered whether you are putting together a wedding event with multiple vendors or you are throwing a simple party and you just need a disk jockey to play music.


Weddings are complex events because there are many variables to consider. Our wedding DJ services can cover the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception. We adjust our setup to accommodate different types of venues whether they are outside, indoors, or both.

School Dances

School events require a DJ that is familiar with newer songs and has the ability to handle large quantities of song requests in a shorter period of time. We organize our playlists in a way that allows us to play a high number of song requests and also keep the party going.

Private Events

We get it. You are throwing a party and you want a DJ that reads the room and keeps the songs flowing. We are professional in our communication, and we work with you to create a pleasant experience from start to finish.

Organizational Events

Company events have multiple purposes, but when you hire a professional DJ you are sending a message to your attendees that your event is distinguished. We provide a professional setup, and we play music that aligns with the purpose of your event.

Promotional Events

The goal of a promotional event is to increase sales and raise awareness. Hire mynewdj as your professional DJ to boost sale and awareness by creating a vibe where your customers want to stay longer.

Non-Profit Events

Your nonprofit exists to further a specific social cause or advocate for a shared point of view. We support nonprofits because we have our own perspective that we want to share: Spread Joy by celebrating together. Hire mynewdj and experience the joy of music and people connection.

"When I DJ a wedding or other event I do my best to focus on playing the song requests, mixing together the different genres, styles, sounds, and decades seamlessly. It’s not about showing off or stealing the show; it’s about telling a story of love, family, and friends".


Read Reviews from Past Clients

We have a track record of outstanding performance. Check out the feedback and reviews that we have received from previous clients that booked our services for their special celebration.

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A picture of our DJ setup for an outdoor wedding at  MeMenamins Edgefield Administrator House.

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A picture of our DJ setup for an outdoor wedding at  MeMenamins Edgefield Administrator House.

A picture of our DJ setup for an outdoor wedding at MeMenamins Edgefield Administrator House.

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Attending a virtual meeting is the first official step towards booking us for your event, and you will appreciate the consultation because it is casual and quick. You use scheduling our app to find a time that works best with your schedule and then use a link to attend a video meeting. You don't have to do much to prepare because we can lead the discussion by focusing on the details that are important for an Oregon event or party.