SEPTEMBER 2021 UPDATE: DJ Harris will be taking most of the month of September off as he and his family take time to cuddle with their newborn baby. #dadgoals.

mynewdj Presents DJ Harris

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mynewdj is a mobile dj service provided by Hands On Music, LLC. We offer solutions for people who are looking for affordable prices to book a professional DJ. You can book us as your Wedding DJ, Party DJ, Corporate Event DJ, School Dance DJ, or any other event where you need a DJ to provide music and emcee services.

Meet DJ Harris

Aaron, also known as DJ Harris, posing for the camera with a smile.

Aaron, aka DJ Harris is the sole DJ at mynewdj. He worked at Walt Disney World for just under 14 years where gained much of his experience around customer service and creating memorable experiences for people of all ages. Most people who interact with Aaron recognize his genuine personality and positive energetic vibe. You will be glad that you chose DJ Harris to be a part of your event because he is such a joy to work with.


The coolest thing about being a DJ is that I am constantly exposed to new music. Up until about 2016, I had no idea how many popular songs were made by the Beatles. And I thought DJ’ing was all about finding the best remix or most unique mashup, but most people just want to hear their favorite songs playing on the big speakers. When I DJ a wedding or other event I do my best to focus on playing the song requests, mixing together the different genres, styles, sounds, and decades seamlessly. It’s not about showing off or stealing the show; it’s about telling a story of love, family, and friends.

Event Types

We have experience with multiple event types.

At mynewdj by Hands On Music, LLC we like to customize each event according to the client's specific needs and we want to make sure that we are providing you with relevant information. This is why we have 6 different categories of events that we do. Even similar events have different service needs so we will work with you to make sure your specific event needs are taken care of.

Wedding Events

A black and white image of a wedding arch with a couple underneath it

Weddings are complex events because there are many variables to consider. Our wedding DJ services can cover the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception. We adjust our setup to accommodate different types of venues whether they are outside, indoors, or both.

School Events

A digitally illustrated image of an owl with headphones on.

School events require a DJ that is familiar with newer songs and has the ability to handle large quantities of song requests in a shorter period of time. We organize our playlists in a way that ensures we will play a high number of song requests and also keep the party going.

Private Events

A black and white image of two people dancing with drinks in hand

We get it. You are throwing a party and you want a DJ to bring some excitement to the party rather than using a spotify playlist. We are professional in our communication and we will work with you to help make sure that this is a pleasant experience from start to finish.

Organizational Events

A black and white digital image of three people dancing

Organizational events have multiple purposes, but when you hire a professional DJ you are sending a message to your attendees that your event is distinguieshed. We provide a professional setup and we will play music that aligns with the purpose of your event.

Promotional Events

A black and white digital image of a map with a location graphic

The goal of a promotional event is to increase sales and raise awareness. Hire us as your professional DJ to add another level of excitement that will make your customers want to stay longer, which means more opportunity to boost sales and awareness.

Non Profit Events

A black and white digital image of 3 people and a heart in a circle.

Your nonprofit exists to further a specific social cause or advocate for a shared point of view. We support nonprofits because we have our own point of view that we want to share: Spreading Joy without a need for explenation.

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