COVID-19 UPDATE: If you have an upcoming event and you have questions, please visit our special updates page.


Thank you for taking a moment to read this page to check for answers to questions. We understand that planning an event is stressful and having to deal with a nationwide pandemic while planning can lead to higher levels of stress. One of our main focuses is to provide clarity for our clients by providing as much information as possible on our website for ease of access. This page will be updated as much as possible.

Current State

The COVID 19 Pandemic has led to a state shut down in Oregon in an effort to reduce the number of cases and prevent overwhelming the health care system. Govenor Kate Brown has placed strict restrictions on social gatherings, which includes weddings and parties. For many couples, the ambiguity of this current pandemic has led to last-minute changes, reschedules, and cancellations. At mynewdj we are doing our best to remain flexible to meet the needs of our clients and maintain safety for everyone. We are accepting event bookings for 2021 and encourage you to schedule a consult if you have questions.

Visit the official state of Oregon web page to view resources and see the status of each county:

Considerations for a safe event

Event Delays and Cancellations

mynewdj by Hands On Music, LLC will do whatever we can to accommodate our clients, in accordance with our contract. We prefer that clients delay events rather than cancel events. Of course, delaying an event is subject to availability. Here is the language from our standard contract (your specific contract may have differing language).

Standard Contract Language

Terms of Agreement

Plain English Explenations

We are planning to honor all requests for deposit refunds, but in accordance with our contract we reserve the right to decline a deposit refund request. We hope that our clients will do whatever they can to keep us as their hired event DJ and only seek to cancel when it is absolutely necessary. We plan to do the same thing for our clients. We also understand that Government shelter in place laws as well as health quarantines, travel disruptions, and even layoffs may severely impact our client's ability to follow-through on their event as scheduled. This is the reason why we have such a low non-refundable deposit cost; in the event that a client has to cancel it ensures that our business can continue to operate without experiencing major financial loss and provides the client with a low-cost risk.

If you have specific questions about your upcoming event, please contact us directly.

Understanding How Our Business Operates

Hands On Music, LLC (dba mynewdj) is a Limited Liability Company registered with the State of Oregon. Aaron Harris (DJ Harris) and Kelsey Harris are co-owners of the company. DJ Harris is the sole DJ providing mobile DJ services. We do not have a storefront so our main way of interacting with potential clients is by virtual means. We monitor emails, contact forms, and website visits on a regular basis; however, we do not have any standard hours of operation. We do our best to respond to messages within 48 hours, but sometimes that is not feasible.

We are sharing this information because we want to make sure that our clients know that we are humans who have multiple priorities, just like most other people in the community. We are not a large corporation, we are a small business. Everything that our business does is personally done by either Aaron or Kelsey. We do not rely solely on this business income to stay financially stable so we are happy to be a member of the community that can give more than we take during times of economic crisis.

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